Minutes for the 2010 annual meeting.

We discussed replacing mattress in queen bedroom—–We voted to take a look at putting a king size bed in the bedroom where we now have twin beds and put bunk beds in the bedroom where we now have the queen bed. (this bunk would have a pull out double bed on the bottom) Laura Graham will measure for us to see if this is possible.

We need a coverlet for the master bedroom. We will do some shopping to see what combination of colors etc. will work.

We voted to replace commodes with larger commodes and we will do this later in the year when we do up-grades. We also need stoppers that work in tubs.
We voted to paint remainder of condo bedrooms and bathrooms later this year.

The windows in living room facing the beach will be replaced. I talked with Brett Robinson and they agreed to do this because of the rusted out window frames. Larry will get it scheduled
but just in case they show up during an owner visit you might be inconvenienced for a few hours.

It was reported that the deck is peeling. This is also a Brett Robinson responsibility. Larry will discuss with them.

It was reported that ice maker may not be working. Please confirm one way or the other when you are there. Larry will take a look in March if not confirmed by then.

There is a leak on handle of faucet in master bedroom. If you have mechanical ability please tighten and if it is not handled by Larr’s visit in March he will handle.

Pat was complimented for the condiment packet idea but we have since learned there is a shelf life on them so we will go to plan “B”. Larry will ask Shelia to leave condiments in refrigerator for next owner. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU PURCHASE CONDIMENTS AND PLAN TO LEAVE FOR THE NEXT OWNER BE SURE THEY ARE IN SQUEEZE TYPE CONTAINERS SO SPOONS, KNIVES OR FORKS ARE NOT USED TO DIP INTO CONTAINERS. IF CONTAINERS ARE NOT SQUEEZE TYPE SHELIA WILL REMOVE FROM THE CONDO.

We will investigate purchase of an umbrella and an easy to set up tent for use of all owners.

Please do not leave personal floatees or plastic blow up toys in the storage room. Please bring them with you and take them home with you. We have very little storage so help us manage this area.

We will not raise our dues at this time even though Shelia went up last year and our condo charge went up from $505 to $555. Larry will watch it for a few months and see how we are doing.

We had a very good meeting with input from all attendees.

Thanks to a great group of owners. YOU are the best!!!!

Larry D.

P.S. Any corrections please let me know.